story feed 2017-06-24T20:36:00Z 2017-06-24T20:36:00Z Build the Best Brands by Looking in the Mirror 2017-06-23T17:19:46Z 2017-06-23T17:19:46Z By Steven Brand Your organization's employer brand should be a reflection of its own values, not a reaction to its competitors. 2017-06-23T17:19:46Z Finding Their Way: The Challenge to Bring In Talent from Overseas 2017-06-20T14:25:12Z 2017-06-20T14:25:12Z By Jack Robinson U.S. employers are unearthing some creative ways to bring in foreign workers as a new president tightens visa rules and creates uncertainty with anti-immigrant rhetoric. 2017-06-20T14:25:12Z CEOs Make Ambitious Pledge -- But Will It Work? 2017-06-20T13:44:56Z 2017-06-20T13:44:56Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine The leaders of the nation's largest companies want to make diverse talent feel welcome in the nation's workplaces. 2017-06-20T13:44:56Z Why Companies Need to Start Thinking More Like Today's Candidates 2017-06-20T13:03:13Z 2017-06-20T13:03:13Z By Ed Newman The world's most successful companies understand the importance of creating a great customer experience. So why can't we offer a similar level of treatment for job candidates? 2017-06-20T13:03:13Z Chatbots Making Inroads into the Hourly Workforce 2017-06-13T14:26:58Z 2017-06-13T14:26:58Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine The newest advances in talent technology are being deployed to find hourly workers for hard-to-fill positions. 2017-06-13T14:26:58Z Why We Aren't Going to Get 'Good' Jobs 2017-06-13T12:54:42Z 2017-06-13T12:54:42Z By Peter Cappelli There are steps the nation can take to create better jobs, but don't expect them to be taken any time soon. 2017-06-13T12:54:42Z Why Emotional Intelligence is a Must-Have for Recruiters 2017-06-13T12:29:13Z 2017-06-13T12:29:13Z By Caroline Stokes Recruiters need to sharpen their emotional intelligence in order to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 2017-06-13T12:29:13Z New Report Finds Recruiters Are a Hot Commodity 2017-06-06T14:46:31Z 2017-06-06T14:46:31Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine The latest salary data from Glassdoor finds these are lucrative times for the recruiting profession. 2017-06-06T14:46:31Z Is the Key to 2017 Recruiting Success a Happy Marriage? 2017-06-06T13:56:04Z 2017-06-06T13:56:04Z By Nathan Brumby Industry experts share their hiring trends and predictions for the year. 2017-06-06T13:56:04Z Experts: Be Prepared for Greater Scrutiny of Work Visas 2017-06-06T13:42:59Z 2017-06-06T13:42:59Z By Jack Robinson The Immigration and Customers Enforcement agency is widening its scope of the type of employer it scrutinizes for potential violations. 2017-06-06T13:42:59Z Gladwell: The Human Side of Hiring is Really, Really Hard 2017-05-31T16:14:52Z 2017-05-31T16:14:52Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine When it comes to hiring great talent, we've come to rely too much on statistics, says noted author Malcolm Gladwell. 2017-05-31T16:14:52Z SAP SuccessFactors vs. Workday vs. Google?!? 2017-05-31T16:05:02Z 2017-05-31T16:05:02Z By Bill Kutik Soon after SAP SuccessFactors and Workday explained their latest and greatest at small, private influencer events at the most scenic venues in the Bay Area, Google rolled out its first HCM application to an auditorium full of hundreds of developers on May 17. 2017-05-31T16:05:02Z Recruiters and Hiring Managers: Can This Relationship Be Saved? 2017-05-26T11:03:28Z 2017-05-26T11:03:28Z By Amber Hyatt HR technology has an important role to play in improving the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers. 2017-05-26T11:03:28Z Research: Harnessing Stress Can Help Candidates and Recruiters 2017-05-23T15:38:17Z 2017-05-23T15:38:17Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine A keynote speaker at this year's Indeed Interactive conference urged attendees to "make stress your friend." 2017-05-23T15:38:17Z How Recruiting Will Evolve in the Next 10 Years 2017-05-23T15:04:35Z 2017-05-23T15:04:35Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine Experts tell us to be on the lookout for some exciting changes in the technologies and strategies used to find great people. 2017-05-23T15:04:35Z The Secrets to Hiring Strategically 2017-05-23T14:03:19Z 2017-05-23T14:03:19Z By Larry Pernosky The smart use of analytics will lead to better hires and high-quality service. 2017-05-23T14:03:19Z Coming Attractions 2017-05-14T20:11:15Z 2017-05-14T20:11:15Z By Steve Boese Recruiting continues to be the primary generator of exciting new technologies within the larger HR space. 2017-05-14T20:11:15Z Tackling Turnover at Taco Bell 2017-05-14T19:14:10Z 2017-05-14T19:14:10Z By David Shadovitz The fast-food chain appears to have hit on a formula for controlling new-hire turnover. 2017-05-14T19:14:10Z Metrics: Transforming the Recruiting Process 2017-05-14T18:26:14Z 2017-05-14T18:26:14Z By Bertrand Dussert What gets measured gets managed -- and recruiting is no exception. 2017-05-14T18:26:14Z Millennials Are Not Job-Hoppers, Studies Find 2017-05-09T15:03:21Z 2017-05-09T15:03:21Z By Andrew R. McIlvaine Job candidates between the ages of 18 and 35 also prize learning opportunities over career advancement and salary, according to recent research. 2017-05-09T15:03:21Z