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For more than 40 years, Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech has been dedicated to serving the recruiting industry.

RecruitingTrends.com and its companion weekly e-newsletter, Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Bulletin, reach senior-level recruiters and human resource and talent management leaders within small, medium, and global enterprises and are the industry sources for key decision makers and influencers in the profession to read about what’s going on in the recruiting/talent acquisition space. Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech features articles and research that explore current and future trends, share leading-edge best practices, identify tactical recruiting expertise, and offer industry insight. Editorial content for the website and e-newsletter is overseen by Andrew R. McIlvaine, senior editor for talent acquisition at LRP Publications’ Human Resource Executive® magazine. Please send questions, comments and editorial inquiries to [email protected]

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech also hosts Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Best Practice Webinars featuring recruiting experts who discuss relevant and timely sourcing, recruiting, and on-boarding topics. In addition, Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech holds the annual Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference and other live events.

More than 25,000 hiring and recruiting professionals visit the Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech website, read the Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Bulletin, and attend Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech webinars and conferences.


About LRP Conferences, LLC

LRP Conferences, LLC, an affiliate of LRP Publications, produces more than a dozen professional conferences and trade shows annually including: Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo, HR Technology Conference & Exposition®, National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo, and UBTech. For a full list of conferences, please visit www.lrp.com.


About LRP Publications

LRP Publications, founded in 1977 by Kenneth Kahn, is a division of LRP Media Group, an innovative media giant serving millions of business and education professionals worldwide. Specializing in education administration, education law, education technology, federal employment, human resources, workers’ compensation and disability, LRP publishes thousands of books, pamphlets, newsletters, videos and online resources. The company also produces five industry-leading print and digital magazines for key decision-makers: District Administration, Human Resource Executive®, HRM Asia, Risk & Insurance® and University Business. Additionally, LRP annually delivers top-quality training and professional development to more than 80,000 professionals through its 13 award-winning conferences and trade shows in China, Singapore and the United States. LRP currently employs more than 500 professionals in its Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Singapore and Washington, D.C. offices. Headquartered in Palm Beach County since 1996, the company has more than $70 million in annual revenue. For a complete list of LRP resources, eCourses and conferences, please visit http://www.lrp.com.