The Most Innovative Recruiting Event

By: | November 6, 2018 • 3 min read
Elaine Orler is founder and CEO of Talent Function and program chair of Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech LIVE!

We’re four months away from Recruiting Trends & Talent Technology LIVE! in Las Vegas, on Feb. 20 through 22. Having attended dozens and dozens of conferences over my 25-year career, there are a few things that always make the best events stand out in my mind: 1. Opportunities to meet new people who are dealing with the same day-to-day challenges as me. 2. Speakers, topics and stories I can learn from. 3. Checking out the latest technology and how it is solving real business problem. 4. The parties—because we all need to celebrate what we do once in a while! The team behind Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech LIVE! is working hard to ensure all of these will exceed your expectations, while infusing some additional fun into the program.


Here is a list of the new experiences you can expect when you attend:

Dynamic Rooms for Dynamic Content

At the typical recruiting conference, you have your expo floor—where you go for refreshment breaks and meals as well as to check out the vendors—and then you have to trudge off to a warren of conference rooms (that are often a good hike away) for the breakout sessions, so that by the end of the day your feet are hurting and you’re exhausted. At Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech LIVE!, by comparison, the expo hall will serve as the nexus for learning sessions, networking opportunities and vendor meetings, as well as fun events. We’re mixing it up with different theater types: Collaboration Round Tables, with speakers focused on today’s recruiting challenges, discussion topics and instant networking; Classroom Tables, to facilitate hands-on learning from the amazing speakers who will share how they attract talent while you also take on activities to do the same. And, “silent sessions”—in the expo hall—where you will have access to everything happening around you but will be able to focus on the content shared in the sessions with the help of headphones.

From Breakouts to Mega Sessions

The agenda is set with focused areas to make for easy navigation of the content that matters most to you. As you know, a few topics are just too important to try to cram into a one-hour presentation, so we’ve extended those key sessions to 90 minutes. This will ensure more time for deeper learning, conversations and interactions. You can review the full agenda here—and start to plan your session schedule now.

Scout Bar

We’ve invited some of the smartest sourcers (talent scouts) in the market to staff our Scout Bar. We all have that one position we just can’t seem to find the right talent for. Perhaps we tried everything, or maybe we were just too overwhelmed to know where to start. This will be your opportunity to bring that job description to the Scout Bar. The sourcers there will compete to identify talent (with their advanced sourcing techniques) and turn over to you a short list of candidates to consider for your position. They will be competing for bragging rights and prizes, so the chance for you to get in front of that difficult-to-fill position is real.

Analyst Café

There are dozens of analysts/influencers in our industry. You’ve most likely come across their research but have never actually met them. This will be your chance: We’ve created a meet-and-greet analyst café for you to get your tough technology, strategy and process questions answered by those who spend all of their time researching and measuring the industry. Schedules will be published for you to block out time for engaging the analyst with your direct business needs.

Power Lounge

Sometimes we just need to refuel our devices and our minds. The Power Lounge, open in the center of the expo hall, will give you a chance to charge a device and charge up on networking conversations with your peers.

Innovation Theater

Back by popular demand, the Innovation Theater will focus on the 10 to 20-minute presentations tied to product capabilities, challenges in the industry, and leading changes and best practices. Catch the innovation stage for what’s next in our industry.


Awards Reception and Banquet

Who doesn’t love a good party? We’re honoring some amazing individuals and companies for their success and impact on the talent acquisition discipline, and what better way to do that than with a reception and banquet. While not the prom, it will be a celebration of our industry, key contributors and the influential work that that is being done every day.

I hope you’ll join us for the first recruiting-focused conference of 2019. We’re committed to bringing in the smartest people to share their stories and to provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to network with your peers.

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech LIVE! will take place Feb. 20 through 22 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.